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Guru Amar Das

Guru Amar Das moved his base to Goindval located on the right bank of river Beas on the road from Lahore to Delhi, a township which he had earlier helped to establish. In due course it became the first ever place of pilgrimage for Sikhs. He married in 1502 and had two sons, Mohan and Mohri, and two daughters, Dani and Bhani.


The guru kalangar became more renowned and institutionalized. Anyone wishing to have an audience of the guru was told: ‘Pehlepangat, pichhesangat’-first sit in a row and eat then meeting. It is said that once the emperor Akbar was touring the region and wished to see the guru, he was asked to have a meal first in the Langar. Bhani his youngest child was born in 1535. She was dear to her father and was devoted to him. She was married to BhaiJetha, a devotee of the guru who had earlier come to Goindval.


She bore him three sons, Prithi Chand, Mahadev and Arjan. Lore has it that one morning, when her father was about to sit on a chowki (a low stool) to commence his meditation, she noticed that one of its legs was broken. Unflinchingly, she placed the palm of her hand at the point to keep the seat stable for her father and stoically bore the pain. When he got up he saw blood on the floor and injury on her hand. Her father was greatly moved, blessed her and offered her a boon. It is said that she asked that future gurus should be from her family. Though taken aback by this bold request, the guru, having given his word, had to consent. This single incident was to affect. This single incident was to affect the future development of the faith.


Before his demise on 1 September 1574, he nominated his son in law, BhaiJetha as his successor and guru.