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Sikhs in Pakistan!

Jee Ayan Noon!

Today’s Pakistan is cradle of Sikh religion, we proudly claim that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in this part of sub-continent, spent most of his life time here and demised in the same region. On factual basis, more than ninety percent of all the holy Sikh shrines are in Pakistan. Apart from the sacred Gurdwaras the region is very rich in Sikh heritage which is normally neglected by the Sikh pilgrims while their Sikh pilgrimage tour to Pakistan.


It is deplored that there is a lot of propaganda about the security situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or elsewhere in Pakistan. I have guided many Sikh pilgrimage tours here but the pilgrims found security situation satisfactory, at least with Sikh community. The people are so kind and hospitable towards Sikh pilgrims that they feel at home. But it is strange that there is negative impression about this country in the outside world that needs to be dispelled which is only possible if more and more Sikh community come to see their heritage to Pakistan.


Being a Punjabi myself, I have tried my best to cover the optimum information in this website but nevertheless there is lot more to be done in this important segment of Pakistan tourism. I am proud to be the first who has launched a specialized site on Sikh tourism which is a small token of love and affection towards my Sikh brothers and sisters. I also take this opportunity to thank the ministry of Pakistan tourism along with the government of Pakistan who have generously funded for the maintenance, expansion and for the further improvement in facilities at all Sikh sites and Gurdwaras to cater the international pilgrims.


For the sake of development of Sikh Yatra in Pakistan, I am committed and dedicated to fulfill my dream of the promotion of Sikh tourism in Pakistan. I am pleased to offer the cost-effective tour packages with the best quality of services. Tour packages given in this site are specially designed to fulfill your pilgrimage requirements but our team of professionals is always happy to prepare tailor-made pilgrimage package to suite your travel needs.  I look forward to welcome you to Pakistan.


Mehmood A. Malik